Internal demolition

Internal demolition by our CCDO-qualified demolition experts

We have over 20 years’ experience of undertaking structural internal demolition tasks including:

•    Demolishing structural walls
•    Breaking & removing concrete slabs & floors
•    Deconstructing steel structures
•    Dismantling mezzanines
•    Demolishing single-storey buildings & structures
•    Removing concrete stairs, escalators & lifts
•    Dismantling and removing concrete / steel / glazed canopies & atriums
•    Strip out of major plant & machinery (including high-level)
•    Decommissioning & removal of large storage tanks


We train and log the hours of experience each of our CCDO operatives has in each of the above internal demolition and strip out tasks (and many more besides), so we can ensure that we have an expert and experienced team to complete the internal demolition project; cost-effectively, safely and working to the highest standards.

BEFORE & AFTER: Internal demolition at Warwick University Campus

BEFORE & AFTER: Mezzanine removal and M&E strip out at a former restaurant in Birmingham

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