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Our experience on government projects covers a whole host of locations & facilities.

This includes local government offices, military facilities, blue-light services, courts, prisons and detention centres, probation service offices, immigration processing centres, transport and storage depots, and job centres.

Many of these projects demand that we work to non-disclosure agreements and special security procedures, and that we can provide Disclosure and Baring Service (DBS) clearance if required.

Government-related projects may have these stipulations:

  • Restricted use of mobile phones

  • NDAs and operatives security clearance

  • Controlled access to site

  • Non-standard working hours

  • Stringent management of tools and equipment

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recreational area in secure accomodation, prior to strip out

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Minimum fuss. Maximum service.

We’re dedicated to mimimising fuss and maximising our level of service.

SnagZero embodies our commitment to minimise risk, error & complication and maximise expertise, efficiency & safety to reliably deliver a high-quality project.

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