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our goal is snagzero

About us

What we do

we were the first to specialise in strip out and we've been innovating ever since


We are the UK's experts in soft strip out, mechanical & electrical strip-out and internal demolition. We were the first contractor to specialise in this field, honing our skills since 1996. We now have the UK's largest fully-trained team of strip out & internal demolition specialists. We do not perform large-scale structural demolition.

Our strip out teams operate across much of the UK (see our locations) and undertake projects from £2,000 value upwards. We have experience of strip out across many industry sectors (see our sectors page) and we are typically contracted by clients planning re-development, refurbishment, change-of-use, exploratory work or to de-risk property development

Our groundworks division has established a reputation for snag-free delivery 

We are considered a medium-sized groundworks contractor, offering a labour, plant & materials service. Our teams operate throughout the West & East Midlands and we undertake projects from £10,000 to £1,500,000 in value. Established in 2010, our groundworks division initially worked almost exclusively for Balfour Beatty, delivering high-quality, snag-free projects; we now also work for other leading UK constructors, whilst ensuring we retain the smaller company attention to quality and detail that has helped to build our reputation.

We've delivered groundworks projects in a range of industry sectors, in particular education & healthcare, and we frequently work on construction frameworks including Constructing West Midlands, PAGABO and SCAPE.

How we do it

Whether it's strip out or groundworks, our commitment to excellence is at the heart of Umberslade’s success and reputation.

Our strength lies in our estimators, contracts managers, site managers, site operatives and their support team, some of whom have been with us for three decades.

Our clients tell us we set the standard in work quality and safety, and we constantly evaluate our performance & strive to improve our services. We use digital technology with the most advanced project and site management systems in our trade.

We are proud that our culture and performance is reflected in our customer reviews.


Office & site collaborate in real-time using our site management system


Our values

Our goal is snagzero  - 100% commitment to delivering faultless quality


our snagzero commitments

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Accurate quotation by
your deadline
we Stand by agreed start dates
pre-start advice & solutions
strip out programme for your project
UK's largest specialist strip out team
comprehensive & specific rams
real-time project tracking
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daily site briefings &
tool-box talks
snagging throughout project
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recycling tracking & net zero operations
formal site completion
post project customer survey 

Safety is our highest priority and we’re committed to protecting our employees, clients and the environment.


Detailed RAMS are prepared & followed for each project and our well-defined processes, experienced managers and robust quality assurance make sure potential risks are recognised, minimised and managed effectively.


Our site staff have been trained (CSCS & Asbestos Awareness qualifications are standard) and possess a work ethic to maintain a safe working environment, ensuring health & safety is intergral to our daily operations.

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With a commitment to SnagZero, we've made excellence & continuous improvement our mission.


We set our teams high standards for work quality, performance and consistency, and evaluate these factors with the aid of our digital site management system. Our aim is to promote a culture where employees are organised, efficient and motivated.


We also seek feedback from our clients upon completion of every project, acting upon the feedback we recieve, to constantly improve our services and deliver customer satisfaction.



Collaboration and partnership is the key to a successful project.


Our estimators, contracts managers, site managers and operations team work hard to ensure a close working relationship with our client, as well as their suppliers & other sub-contractors. Our goal is to to be a flexible and indespensible part of the project team.


We take great care to understand the needs of our client, keeping them informed, adapting to changing requirements, and providing experienced-based solutions to challenges.

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In high-risk environments, expertise and experience  play a critical role in delivering value to customers.


All our workforce take pride in their knowledge and experience and we are commited to developing it. We believe in training, motivating and retaining our staff to ensure a consistently high-standard of work that is above and beyond anyone else in our field.


The result is we're proud of our people; their capabilities, their attitude and the results they deliver. Our clients recognise this and you can see it in our customer feedback.

drive to Net Zero


Environmental sustainability is a global imperative, and businesses have a crucial role to play in addressing climate change.


We've embraced the goal of becoming net zero,

greatly reducing the carbon footprint and environmental impact of our operations. We track and report on waste recycling for each project (our average is 98%*), our vehicles meet low-emmission standards, with some fully electric, while our office is 100% powered by solar & wind energy and warmed by a heat pump.

*Recycling % is an average based on data provided by our approved waste handling partners



6 out of 5

we'd give umberslade 6 out of 5. We were really happy with their work.

M Ross, Contracts Manager


our managers
& support team

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