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Umberslade unveils prototype moling machine!

Installing drainage can require excavation of large trenches, backfilling, regrading & relandscaping, but that will soon be a thing of the past!

The Umberslade 'Muck Mole' prepares to begin tunnelling!

Muck Mole removes the need for trench excavation

Umberslade Groundworks has been working in partnership with French excavation technology firm Poisson D'avril, to design & build an innovative large-scale moling machine.

It is expected to completely remove the need for digging trenches to install drainage!

The new machine uses ‘Bore Under Landscape Subterranean Hole Technology’ ('BULSH*T' for short) and our team have nicknamed it the 'Muck Mole'.

After exhaustive testing, Umberslade's Muck Mole will be ready to begin operations today; we expect it to revolutionise the groundworks industry!

After boring a 2000m tunnel, Muck Mole is recovered

If you would like to know more about our (literally) ground-breaking approach to groundworks for the 21st century, please call Umberslade on 01675 443727 or e-mail:

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