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There's never been a better time to refurbish!

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

Jeremy Emmett, Managing Director at Umberslade, explains why...

"With the great news that Pfizer's Covid-19 vaccine is believed to be 90% effective, it could be the game changer that begins to return our lives to normality.

With this light at the end of the tunnel, I believe now is the ideal time for businesses to consider a workplace refurbishment. Here are a few reasons why..

Workers could be back in offices before we know it, many office workers may be back at their desks by mid-2021; a newly refreshed and safe office environment is a great way to encourage and welcome them back, or attract a new tenant to a commercial property for sale/lease.

You may want to consider office re-design that reflects what could be the 'new normal', with socially distanced work stations, seperated 'bubble' zones for different teams, more video-conferencing facilities and practical one-way traffic layouts.

There'll be less impact on your business, with many people currently working from home, there is less disruption to productivity and there could be little (or even zero) cost of re-locating staff while the refurbishment work is going on.

Lastly, given the challenging business conditions many contractors have spare capacity right now, which can result in keen prices and short lead-times to start the refurbishment / fit out. Costs can also be reduced if there is less need for 'out-of-hours' working, as fewer workers are the office.

If office refurbishment is something that a business has been putting off, or has planned to do in a year or two, it could mean big savings to budget, time and impact to the business, if you move ahead with it right now."


If you are in need of commercial strip out, internal demolition, groundworks or any of our other award-winning services (across the UK) then we'd love to discuss your needs, provide you with a free quote and show you why our customers recommend us.

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