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How was it for you?

This is a question we ask our customers after every project - and we're rather proud of the answer!

We contact our customer's Site Manager after every project we complete to get their feedback on our work. This is so we can ensure our customer is happy and it allows us to constantly evaluate our performance and see if there are ways we can improve.

The latest results show that 65% of customers scored Umberslade's work as 'Excellent', 32% rated it as 'Good' and the remaining 4% gave a solid 'OK'. We're happy to report that no one gave us a negative report. You can see the results below.

Source: Survey Monkey: Project Completion Survey - Sample 113 Respondents.

We also asked our customers how likely they would be to recommend Umberslade to others and we were delighted with the result - a 'net promoter' score of 90 (out of 100), compared to the industry average of 13/100.

This places Umberslade in the top 25% of over 200,000 companies (related to construction and industry) that asked the same question and set the global benchmark.

If you haven't had the Umberslade experience yet - maybe it's time you gave us a try!

Source: Survey Monkey: Project Completion Survey - Sample 113 Respondents.


If you are in need of commercial strip out, internal demolition, groundworks or any of our other award-winning services (across the UK) then we'd love to discuss your needs, get you a fast quote and show you why we come highly recommended!

Umberslade enquiries hotline : 01675 44 3727

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